Who are we?

In 2020, we created Elemat, a brand of natural care for athletes – Made in France.

Originally, it's a story of friendship between us. Eleonora and Matthew. We are two sports enthusiasts.

Practicing a physical activity, taking care of yourself, is a balance that engages us all in an intimate dialogue with our body.

This is why our formulas are developed using ingredients of natural origin.

We offer solutions to our daily sports needs without any concession to efficiency and pleasure.

  • Requirement

    We are the first users, our natural skincare products are designed by and for athletes.

  • Fair play

    We carefully choose our ingredients of natural origin.

  • Made in France

    Our range is formulated and produced in France.

  • Eco-logical!

    We select our packaging to be recyclable.

  • 100% Elemat

    efficient and

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Take care of your body to take it further

With the help of French laboratories specializing in natural cosmetics, we have developed a range of healthy and effective products, intended for all athletes, whatever their discipline, their level of commitment and their playing field.

Mixed care, for women as for men listening to their bodies.

  • Arnica

    Analgesic, antiseptic, immunostimulant properties.

  • Harpagophytum

    Relieves joint discomfort.

  • Eucalyptus

    Expectorant and antiseptic, acts on the respiratory tract.

  • Rosemary

    Stimulates peripheral blood circulation.

  • Immortal

    Anti-inflammatory, healing and analgesic.

  • Witch hazel water

    Astringent virtues. It helps to tighten the pores of the skin.

  • diatomaceous earth

    Absorbency. It captures odors and retains them.

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