Le massage pour améliorer la récupération musculaire

Massage to improve muscle recovery

The benefits of a massage

Natural gestures: an essential complement?

For those who set beautiful goals, massage is the essential complement to regular training. Watch the pros on the Tour de France! Well, we don't always have the time or the means to call on a physio… But we can pamper ourselves!

Without realizing it, we practice these gestures on a daily basis. These are natural gestures. Almost reflexes. Have you ever noticed that when a little discomfort appears, we tend to massage ourselves and rub the unpleasant part? Obviously, in case of severe muscle pain, contracture, tear, fracture or skin wound, massage may be inadvisable and never save consulting a doctor when it comes to your health. Otherwise, the goal is to improve your comfort, your muscle recovery, to erase the after-effects of an embarrassment or an effort to start off on the right foot.

The key moments of a good massage

Before the effort, an invigorating massage, friction stimulates blood circulation, prepares your muscles, warms them up and releases the first endorphins. It must be done at the right time (about a quarter of an hour before the exercise) and that it does not drag on so as not to relax the muscle too much.

During your exercise, take advantage of a break to massage yourself. Combined with some stretching, you will limit the appearance of cramps.

But it is especially after the effort that the massage will have its greatest effectiveness.

Recovery with Elemat

Combined with Elemat products, it will reduce recovery time. The ideal is to wait a little after training. It's time to let go, take a warm shower, relax your muscles and get in shape. Then, the massage will be more effective, it will reduce your muscle fatigue and reduce your pain. Before, during, after, it's your #TIMEZERO. By evacuating the toxins in the vessels irrigating your muscles, you will avoid aches and be prepared for the next stage.

Come on, you did all that for this...

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