Nos Engagements et les façons de recycler nos packs

Our Commitments and ways to recycle our packs

Natural and eco-responsible

From the beginning we have put naturalness and eco-responsibility at the heart of our project. In particular, we have chosen our packs so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible and therefore fit into the recycling channels available in Europe. We have chosen to collaborate with packaging suppliers in France and Italy for their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their product.

Compliance with environmental standards

For the primary packaging, we work with an Italian company which is ISO 14001 certified (this standard defines a series of requirements that its environmental management system must meet), a large part of whose energy is produced using solar panels. Whenever possible, we choose glass because it is the material that currently has the best recycling rate on the market (80% compared to 20% for PE/PP/PET). Our cases are made from recycled paper in Italy.

Recycle our packs!

Shower oil

Shower oil is 100% recyclable: PE bottle and PP capsule. For the whole to be properly recycled, the cap must be left screwed onto the bottle.

Universal Oil

Universal Oil is packaged in a 125 ml glass bottle. This bottle is recyclable. Remember to separate it from its pump before throwing it away. It is essential since they are not the same materials but above all, the spray pump is unfortunately not recyclable. There are currently no recyclable pumps on the market, however our supplier is working to increase the use of recycled plastic in their pumps.

The Essential Balm

The essential balm is 100% recyclable: the jar is made of glass, the lid and the lid are made of PP/PE: here too, they must be separated for recycling.

As athletes, let's be fair with the planet!

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