Optimiser la récupération : les différents moyens

Optimizing recovery: the different ways

To optimize your recovery and thus progress in your training, here are the key factors.

First key to your recovery: nutrition and hydration.

Daily nutrition is the key to athletic performance. A balanced diet makes it possible to better control the inflammatory mechanisms linked to effort, to recover better, to chain sessions and to progress.

Do not neglect any family of foods.

The body covers its needs related to energy expenditure thanks to starchy foods (sugars). However, a balanced diet - water, proteins, vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3) - allows the supply of nutrients that the body needs to make up for its losses.

Food supplements.

Each person has specific needs for vitamins, proteins and minerals. Even with a balanced diet, it is sometimes difficult to meet all your needs. These products can act as a complement both before, during and after exercise to provide our body with enough nutrients and maintain its level of performance.

Optimize your intake during the metabolic window.

The metabolic window is the period during which your body is most prone to recovery. Within 30 minutes after exercise, this metabolic window allows you to rebuild the stock of lost carbohydrates. During this time, the valves are open: the liver and the muscles will store a maximum of products before the next session.

Second key to success: sleep.

Sleeping is the most obvious and effective way to allow our body to recover. Sleep (and more particularly the deep sleep phase) promotes hormonal regulation, optimizes metabolic functioning and ensures better muscle recovery. This is why it is recommended to go to bed early (ideally, always respect the same time) and to sleep between 7am and 8am.

Third key to good recovery: a post-sport routine.

Massage is an essential routine to optimize your recovery. It promotes blood circulation and thus contributes to the drainage of toxins. This reduces muscle pain after exercise and limits the appearance of aches. A self-massage routine should not be a constraint but a pure pleasure ritual! That's why we created Elemat. Massage the painful areas with our universal oil or our essential balm ideally within 2 hours after the effort and you will tell us about it! To learn more about massage oils, check out numero.com, their article talks about the importance of oils in aiding recovery after sports.

Come on, everyone in the shower!

Finally, a well-being ritual worthy of the name is often accompanied by a stimulating shower. For the most cautious who only wash with hot water, try to end your shower with a jet of cold water. Certainly, hot water is more pleasant and relaxes tendons and muscles, but cold water will reduce pain and act on vaso-constriction (contraction of the veins), to optimize drainage and muscle recovery. A little extra, use Elemat shower oil for hydrated skin after exercise. You know everything about muscle recovery! All you have to do is put everything into practice to be on top! To find out more about our muscle recovery products, nadiarunsparis has tested them for you…

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